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Marc Jacobs, a born design genius, is known to all for his identification as the chief design director of Louis Vuitton handbags . And Hermes Birkin bag which has been considered the king of designer handbags is madly searched after global people. Then, what will cause if we put the two together Let's get deeper discussion.There is no denying that Hermes bags are always within the dreaming lists of women. In addition to its astronomical price, special social identification and top craftsmanship, the long waiting list can scare a large number of people. If you want to successfully get a Birkin bag, you need to be patient as well as wealthy enough. It is its perfection that grasps the bias of Marc Jacobs. Deduced by this innate designer, Birkin becomes a kind of men's bag, functional and practical.What we are familiar hermes handbags uk with Marc Jacobs is his public image. While for his personal affairs, how many do you know about After a detailed search, I found that this genius can easily catch the attention of the media and the public not only for his ultimate design ability but also his uncommon personal life in reality. His gay role may be a shock to his admirers. What is more, his daily dressing and individual interest are unique to other men. You may find that he is a little feminine for his fondness of dressing in skirts. His arms are also covered by tattoos, which may be another way to pop out fashion.As the design director of three brands including hermes birkin bags Louis Vuitton , Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, he designs on the basis of romantic inspiration. Every time, he appeared by carrying a Birkin bag. He frequently commutes New York City and Paris but he is always the focus of the media and the public people. Even though he is on holiday, he also carries a Hermes Birkin bag with him. When people are worshiping the king of designer handbag, he casually throws it aside. As to such a kind of mood, how many of you can have

Any from the Hermes collection handbags is considered an icon. However, it felt for most of its customers that their bags are only suited for those who are always dressed for the occasion. So when they released Jypsiere, it was an answered prayer for the more casual attire getters. By the twenties, Herm�had the patent for the zipper in France, and introduced the first ladies' bags with zip closures, and in 1937, the first Herm�silk scarves were born. Actress Jane Birkin replaced her old straw purse with a leather Herm�number in 1984, and started the rage that is the Birkin bag. Today the Birkin continues to have the longest waiting list of any luxury accessory-about six years.Lindsay Lohan is so inlove with her Hermes Blue Jean Birkin Bag because she has been spotted like so many times carrying it!. The bag is undeniably lovable but we all know not everybody can afford it. Tagged as one of the world's most coveted bags, it features a palladium/silver hardware, scratch resistant/durable togo leather, with an internal pocket and zippered compartment. It goes perfectly with Lindsay Lohan.Do you want a bag that probably cost more than what's inside or even a nice car Then look no further, introducing Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag. Named after '60s fashion icon Jane Birkin, the bag is like the one sold at auction house Doyle New York. The clasp of this hermes vintage bags 30-centimeter tote boasts 10 carats of white diamonds. And its body is made of crocodile. It's a one of a kind bag retailing at $120,000. Time to sell the house ladies!Stylish, elegant, small and big bags and dressing-cases in the new Hermes collection Autumn-Winter 2009-2010. The colour range is in brown and black. You have never seen a fashion collection where you will love all the clothes being presented except now at Hermes 2010 Fashion collection. The designs are all must love and must have designs. Hermes theme was Tennis with its classic tipspin. Hermes spring collection are must have when he presented his latest creation with stimulating graphics of black and white sportswear.And then there's Hermes "Birkin" which hermes bags for salecosts $64,800. While this was retailed at $37,000 USD, the highest amount paid for one of these bags was $64,800 USD, sold at a Doyle New York auction in April of 2005. This black crocodile-skin features silver hardware, 14-karat white gold closure plates paved with 174 diamonds and an additional 310 diamonds on the lock. If you don't want Hermes replica handbags, there are over 240 Herm�boutiques internationally, including a Wall Street hermes birkin handbags location, the North American flagship on Madison Avenue, or find Hermes out on line for some replica handbags.

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